Safety is #1 priority for us. We want to keep the manor. not only safe for YOU, but  for our staff, actors and the monsters within the manor.

The haunted house is NOW OPEN.
The Burial Simulator will remain closed.


Due to COVID-19 Protocol all tickets are now sold at the gate!
No online ticket sales at this time! But don't worry we won't sell out.

Face Masks

We ask that you wear a face mask upon entering the manor. Even our monsters will have masks on!

*If you cannot wear a face mask due to medical reasons we will respect that.

Smaller Groups

All groups are limited to a maximum of 5-6 people.

We will NOT combine groups while entering the manor!

Stay 6' Apart

While waiting to enter the manor please stay 6' apart. While inside the manor we ask you do not charge or get to close to the actors.


Hand sanitizing stations are placed outside. We ask all groups to sanitize your hands prior to entering the manor doors.

Temp. Checks

Temperatures will be taken upon entering the manor. Per CDC Protocol any person (or monster) with a temperature over 100.4° F or greater, admission will not be admitted.

No Touching

It's never been permitted inside the haunted house and the rule still stands. We will NOT touch you and please DO NOT TOUCH our actors, sets or props.

Have Fun!

We want everyone to have fun and be safe! If you're sick or feel sick please do not come to the manor, we're not going anywhere and will be here when you feel better!

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