Are you ready to experience Orlando's only year-round haunted attraction featuring live actors, state of the art special effects and animatronics?

”Scariest Haunted Houses in America”

Mortem manor haunted house - orlando, florida
The Legend

Mortem Manor was once home to the late Mortison family. Rumor has it, the Mortisons were once great collectors of rare and ancient artifacts, and perhaps even hunters of evil.

But the Mortisons are long gone, having disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In their place, a new series of residents have taken over the manor, unlocking the true potential within.

Do you have what it takes to enter the manor? Or are you too scared?

Tickets start at just $15.

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Old Town, Kissimmee
5770 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway,
Kissimmee FL 34746

What people are saying...

"What an amazing experience. Never in my life I have been so frightened."
- Martin M. (Germany)
"It was the scariest and most well done haunted house I have ever been through"
- Missy C. (Ohio)
"A lot bigger than expected on the inside and great animatronics and acting. Made me jump a few times."
- Jake J. (Florida)
"Hands down one of the best and creepiest haunted attractions I have ever been through!!! Simply... Wow!!!"
- Manny F. (Florida)
Last Ride
Burial Simulator

Hear the sounds, feel the movements and smell the scents of being BURIED ALIVE in this one-of-a-kind attraction that will leave you alone in the dark to your final resting place,

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Post Mortem

Our Post Mortem Boo-tique is full of horror items from some of the biggest brands like Kreepsville, SourPuss, Rock Rebel, Trick or Treat Studios, Distortions Unlimited and more. Now a select collection of items are available on our website!

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